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On December 6, 2014 Liquid Life Solutions celebrated an eight year anniversary.

The LLS essence was the first web presence I created and has been a constant since I’ve worked, played, succeeded and failed while navigating the business of life and life of business online.

Liquid Life Solutions is a love story (this is where you may read or hear something other than what I write or say).

And what would any love story be without a beginning, an ending, a beginning, an ending and a – well you get the picture. Nice. We’re on the same page.

Now while we’re still on the same page let me share a constant I operate from. Something I honor within Liquid Life Solutions.

Think of this as a guide post. A beacon in the night if you will. A light on the path kind of thing. GPS for the soul.

Always remember…

I am completely responsible for every word I write and every word I say on Liquid Life Solutions. I am not responsible for what you read or for what you hear on Liquid Life Solutions.

Use the list of categories you see across the top of the page to explore. Or use the list of short descriptions for each category you’ll find below:

AKS – All Kinds of Shit (if the word shit offends please substitute the word stuff). This is where blog posts end up when one is to lazy to put them in a proper category. Or they’re just stuff. Looking back at some of those posts makes me wonder who wrote them. I think an alien had control of me then. Yep. That’s it. An alien.

Divine – What you’ll find here will cover all aspects of the Divine. The Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine and whatever else is landing for me as “Divine”. That’s a big picture. Feels like the category will speak more to honoring perhaps? You tell me.

Dreams – Those sleep paralysed, wake up can’t move, absolutely terrifying throw you off a cliff, you could swear your living in full blown neon-technicolor on six hits of blotter acid while you solve world hunger movies. Been there? Movies of the soul or a bad bit of beef. Fascinating. Among many choices for alternate realities entering dream worlds is at the top of my favorites list.

Free – Do I have to explain this one? Really?

Gratitudes – Daily one liners or short notes on something I am grateful for. You’ll read and hear “Thank You” from me a lot. I have heard that those two simple words are enough. Gratitude is the catalyst for every significant change in my life. Want to share yours? Always ready to marinate in gratitude(s).

Loves Winks – Private and personal (that’s why there is a public link) musings, rants, connections and more to come. Just for you.

M&Ms – Melts in your mouth not in your hand! Almond ones are my favorite. So are metaphysics, marketing, muses, moonbeams and a variety of topics. Expect any M&M kind of thingy. Believe me. I can justify (almost) anything in my own mind. I’m curious to see where this category goes.

my Soul Bridge – This is more there than here but LLS is where mSB started to breathe.

Quest – The moving parts (12 sketches) to imagine my best work for 2015 and beyond. So much is happening in this conversation right now as I join with a tribe of other artists, creatives and a soul family to deliver business unusual.

Show and Tell – Films, paintings, images, videos, audios and a wealth of cool things to share. Music will end up here for sure. Plus no show and tell would be complete without Vices & Habits, Art, Truth & Beauty and more. A cult of culture? No. Better than that. This category delivers smiles for possibilities!

Now you have the reference for the Exodus title.

Liquid Life Solutions is my sanity maintenance space. All mine.

Things will come. Things will go. Things may appear and just as quickly vanish.

Truly one of the most beautiful things about using a blog for a website is that it becomes a canvas. Sometimes I’ll paint over what is here as soon as it is done.

It is fluid. It is liquid. It is a living breathing entity. Just like you. Just like me. Okay. Kind of like you and me. It’s a blog. Half published digital ink.

Liquid Life Solutions seeks out the paths of least resistance based on inner most desired feelings.

My inner most desired feelings. Always.

Grateful you’re here.