Grateful today for disruption of a specific nature.

(and to break the already broken one more time)

Thank you.


Grateful always for the support of similar souls.

(and to gather with the amplifiers for change)

Thank You.

Double Take

Grateful always for this the season of a deeper review.

(and to toss a thing or three along the wayside)

Thank You.


Grateful always for a tiny smile and gentle touch.

(and to critical mass set low enough to reach)

Thank You.


Graeful always to that with which is to ponder.

(and for uses used to use to yet use not again)

Thank You.


Grateful always for skillful tells told in amusing ways.

(and to yarns sweetly spun in the long by and by)

Thank You.


Grateful always to original practice.

(and for what becomes unelusive)

Thank You.