Grateful today for a dot on a screen.

(and third degree separations)

Thank you.


Grateful today to all that’s worth a risk of less than clear.

(and for depth in conversations which often ensue)

Thank you.

Speaking of Grit…

Viewing time: 15 minutes 21 seconds

Found this while cruising down the rabbit hole a couple of days ago.

Jesse Weinberger (creator of Overnight Geek University) hits the nail square on the head in her TedX talk posted on YouTube (and below).

This speaks into the listening of those who live with, in, through and for gritty compassion

Does the conversation here speak to your true you too?

Do tell…


subtle-touch-fascination-anthem-mark-hornReading time 4 minutes

Thirteen sketches…

A rewind for the living of my quest(ion) for my best work in 2015.

How about you?

How might I best serve you and your best work in 2015?

Does that show up for you on the social water coolers or on your website or blog posts? Those are easy places for me to contribute in for you but what is it that serves you best in your own quest for business unusual?

Post in comments, leave your audio answer via the green Be Heard… tab on the right or Start a Conversation… in the social spaces. I listen.


1. True Grit(s) *****

The words; “qualities of courage and dedication to make a difference” plus an iconic player with a character from the stage moment are a personal recipe for gritty compassion.

2. Serendipity Do… ****

I choose to look, listen and feel for more of what makes me smile, laugh and be grateful for in the doing, creating and delivery of my best work.

I will apply artful self curation to words I say, hear, write and choose to listen for.

I’ll actively involve myself to support the best work of more artists, creatives and thought leaders.

3. Those Who ***

I am willing to disappoint, offend, upset or abandon any institutions, ideals, philosophies, structures or stagnant systems that stink of the current status quo.

I fully accept being disappointed, offended, upset and abandoned when I come face to face with what is only mine to face as I do, create and deliver my best for 2015.

4. Leaping Leapers! ***

I choose to love myself, to ask, to review, to expect, to practice, to feel, to observe, to remind myself (and ask others to remind me) to explore and then explore some more.

5. Stop, Look & Listen ****

I’ll stop NOT asking for what I want and deserve in my life and from my work. I’ll stop WAITING for someone else to ask me what I want or deserve.

Ask. Open my heart. Open my soul. Open my mouth. Ask. Just fucking ask.

6. “Use the Force Luke” ***

What feels like a full menu of emotions inside our shared human experience narrows down to fear for me. Why am I afraid? Because I am afraid others will find out I am afraid.

I fully accept that by trying I am fully immersed in doing.

7. Imaginal Joy Doodles *****

So many sacred moments enjoyed while working on this. Conversations in quality time all inside shared spaces both sacred and profane with those who I love and love me.

Each of those gone too fast moments always leave clues to create, savor and discover more of the same.

8. Confessions of a Shape Shifter ****

Choose focused action for 2015 purposed work to keep leveraging what is already working for me.

I will also try fresh possibilities for focused action on promises made to myself and notice the results.

9. Dharma Poop ***

It is a process. I choose to face my own “shadow bag” by leveraging gratitude as the only filter to “stop the stink”.

Can I live fully into the power of my best self and embrace niceness kindness at the same time?

Time to get out of my own way (for now) and find out.

10. Holes in the Water ****

I know who would miss me and my best because I would miss them too (an easy self care metric for the me, the myself and the I to observe).

Those I’m in mutual miss bliss with show up in adventures to allow thousands more to hear but not listen and then quickly show themselves out the door.

11. To Serve *****

Every choice someone makes about my best work is only about saying yes or no to an offer for my best work and never about my best work itself.

What if collected illusions of brokenness are melted away one conversation at a time? I wonder.

12. Best Selves(s) ******

My most valuable personality trait lives in an essence for my best work as The Subtle Touch.

Generously sharing my “take for granted” knowledge of multiple moving parts serves many in all ways.

And I choose to smile and enjoy being fully served in that process of sharing.

13. Bakers Dozen ****

This prompt let me hit the ground running for 2015 and showed me that I am surrounded by people who inspire possibility beyond anything I could ever imagine.

I’ll keep building on relationships started, seek out more relationships to enjoy and do my best to allow results of conversations already in flow to flow and keep flowing.

My intention is to allow all the sketches created this past month (Dec. 2014) to illuminate the path which is 2015 in this moment.

So far sketch number twelve has top of mind overall and I see myself leveraging what I learned and continue to learn via that sketch throughout 2015.

And sketch one has become the over arching umbrella I carry to unconsciously shield myself from those everyday dazes of business as usual.

Bakers Dozen

Quest2015 Bonus Prompt

Today’s Theme: Your Best Pack

The experiment is complete! Thank you all!

Enjoy the harmonious conversational experiment results by downloading or listening in at the bottom of this post.

And I have it on good authority that permission is already yours to do your best work in 2015.

Our bakers dozen bonus prompt comes to us from Scott Dinsmore

Do the people around you inspire possibility?

If not, it’s time to make some changes. The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing them.

In 2015, what changes will you make accordingly?

Yes the people around me inspire possibility.

What I am doing now is building on relationships started, seeking more relationships to enjoy and doing my best to allow results of conversations in flow to flow.

These recordings are for all of us in the Tracking Wonder Quest2015 pack.

Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or finding the next favorable breeze for another leg of the journey.

Here’s to our continued adventures as new old friends and creating wonder all along the way… Happy New Year’s to one & all!

NOTE: Individual links below go directly to each audio recording. Left click to play in a new window or right click and “save as” for later listening.

Numbers behind each link is total listening time for that audio.

Players after the links are in the same order as the links. Top player is Audio 1. and the bottom player is Audio 5.

Audio 1. is also published on Holes in the Water.

Audio 2. and 5. are also published as podcast episodes here and here.

Audio 4. is also published as a podcast episode here.

1. The Catalyst via Laundry Line Divine (00:33)

2. Lois Kelly Q15 Conversation (37:14)

3. Peggy Acott – Love & Happy New Year’s Pack! (01:07)

4. Mark Horn Q15 Shout Outs & Link Love (18:52)

5. Evelyn A. & Suzi B. Q15 Conversation (40:56)

Best Selve(s)

Quest2015 – Day 12

Reading time: 03 minutes

Today’s Theme: Best Self

From Sally Hogshead the fascination in the twelfth prompt brings my Quest 2015 full circle. And the beat goes on.

Twelve days with twelve visionaries to imagine your best twelve months is now a complete framework in my eyes.

A framework I am re-visiting, taking apart, remodeling and discarding parts from over the next few days.

Prep work for a grand 2015 New Year’s celebration? Could be. Too early to tell.

Looks like there are a few bent nails to pull up, windows to glaze plus a hammer hole (or two) in the drywall to fix.

For myself I hold the initial adventure of creating a dozen sketches on this wondrous roller coaster ride which is the start of #Quest2015 as complete!

Now I look forward to seeing, reading, hearing and the breathing in of more of what other Questers in the pack have poured themselves into during this process.

My response for our day 12 #BestSelf prompt?

“What is your most valuable personality trait — and how can you bring it forward in your best work in 2015?” ~ @SallyHogshead

Much of my experience in the Quest process so far has been a reflection in the familiar seen again for the first time.

My most valuable personality trait feels like it lives in the image shared below.

These results speak directly to the listening of the brand essence for my best work in 2015 and beyond.

Since this prompt brings me full circle in a powerful way (like several other prompts have) let’s start here…



When those Mystique and Passion triggers showed up a Leaping Leapers! moment happened for me. That was almost two years ago.

Then The Subtle Touch phrase became icing on the cake as the sound of those words sang in my soul.

My dormant trigger;”Trust” is the least advantageous advantage for how others perceive my work.

“Trust” is seen by those my work serves in the big picture of communicating possible possibilities as nothing more than the steady, tried and true they’re already bored with.

Since I do my best work clarifying unknowns and the new I’ll remind myself to create more of what may be new to others by seeing what is old hat to me through fresh eyes.

What I often take for granted gets forgotten and switched to autopilot when by sharing my understanding of those same moving parts many would be served.

And I will smile and enjoy being served in the process.

I’ll use the image above as a visual anchor for the next several days to shift me into my best work for 2015.

I will serve those I already serve while supporting kindred souls I’ve met along the way.

Souls who continually define the feelings only a word such as namaste might convey.

If you’re feeling at all stuck with the day 12 prompt listen in on this passion filled conversation between author Sally Hogshead and Srini Rao at Unmistakable Creative.

Sometimes it helps to let go of the conditioned ways we may view professional assessments too. This one is all about how others see you and not at all about how you see yourself.

In the land of the branding of brand you leveraging your Fascination Advantage results as the mirror to reflect your best work back to you is priceless.

My intention is to continue sharing quest experiences here and in the social spaces where several of us support each other toward our best work.

There is still one big question to answer that all questers were asked before any of us dove in…

“What if you could envision how to live your quest in 2015 with the provocative guidance of visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, thought leaders, artists, writers, teachers, and adventurers?”Jeffrey DavisTracking Wonder

Am I ready to answer that question? No not yet. But I am closer than ever before. And I will be closer still when 2015 rolls in.

Stay tuned to the Quest category on a blog near you for more of the story and join the conversation in the social mix via the hashtag links below.

And you’re not late if you haven’t started your own quest yet.

You are not too early either.

In point of fact my friend, you are right on time.


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To Serve

Quest2015 – Day 11

Reading time: 01 minute

“What if you could envision how to live your quest in 2015 with the provocative guidance of visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, thought leaders, artists, writers, teachers, and adventurers?”Jeffrey DavisTracking Wonder

Today’s Theme: Service

Here is a provocative prompt gift from Tara Sophia Mohr given for the receiving on December 25…

How can I be of highest service?

By listening.

While the tenth prompt honored those who have yet to show up, I know who I want my offer of highest service to serve.

I know too that every choice someone might make is only about an offer and not about the best work behind it.

Any decision is always their’s to make. Never mine.

My best work for 2015 serves one person at a time who feels trapped, all alone or lost inside the treacherous yet beautiful crucible of caring for a loved one after their caregiver story is told.

Highest service shows up when one person is served in such a way that they know someone is here, someone listens and someone chooses to help by listening.

What if collected illusions of brokenness are melted away one conversation at a time?

I wonder.


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