“It’s Worth Testing!”

“Here is a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished; If you’re alive, it isn’t.” ~ Richard Bach

On occasion we’ll want to test what matters to us most. Often what we might think matters the most gets confirmed (or denied) when we simply dip a toe in the water.

Is it cold or is it warm?

Is it right or is it wrong?

Is it up or is it down?

When you showed up here to read my words, I’m guessing that in some way you are “testing”. You’re putting your toe in the water.

What follows is the result of an experiment. Enjoy the results shared here and then go out and test something of your own.

Not to long ago an inspiration hit me right between the eyes. Although now that I think about it, the evidence is clear (to me anyway) that a Muse actually whispered in my ear.

Do you have a Muse? Amazing and wonderfully elusive creatures they are (however my dear friends that’s a story for another post).

Back to the task at hand.

Where were we?

Oh yes! Now I remember!

Wet toes and testing the water(s)…

Here is the experiment that took place.

As you may or may not know, it has been my pleasure to log over 250 hours running tele-seminars, tele-conferences and webinars behind the curtain. Likely you’ve listened to or watched something where the person pushing the buttons behind the scenes was me.

There have also been many of those hours where it was a pleasure to have a microphone and be able to dance with the energies that showed up on a given call.

Energy dances are beautiful waters to put your toes in by the way. Just sayin’.

Usually these kinds of calls are structured events. They’re based on working models relevant to a given task at hand. Maybe they’re sales calls, training calls, learning calls, master mind calls or a combination/variation of all four.

Okay. This is where the experiment comes in.

What if we did a tele-conference call with the only agenda being “conversation”?

No set structure other than a time limit. Could it be done and what might we learn from the results of sticking our collective toes in the water?

Below you’ll see a point-and-click-simple audio player plus an audio (mp3) download link.

Three folks showed up after personal invitations sent out via e-mail and direct messages the night before. Over twenty five people were invited directly.

Another thousand or so may or may not have seen announcements posted on Twitter and Facebook the day of the event.

Of the twenty five plus I invited personally, several were kind enough to let me know they had other commitments.

After all, this was a spur of the moment event that took place on a sunny, warm and spring like Saturday afternoon (not considered a regular business day by most).

My sincere thanks and gratitude go to Geoff Hoff, Laureen Falco and Thomas “Trapper” Sherwood for showing up and making the experiment a success!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, enjoy the show and go test something for yourself (meanwhile I’m going to go dry off my toe)…

Click Here to Download the Call Audio for April 10, 2010 (Mp3)

Authors Note: Ever since this blog was re-modeled and re-furbished I’ve wanted to say a very special “Thank You”.

Here’s to the person behind the scenes who took care of updating the theme, showing me how not to break  the Internet while I’m blogging and how to navigate in my new sandbox.

Thank You Jennifer Brinckman for my new sandbox. Your knowledge and spirit are indeed priceless my friend, and your patience immense!