sml-lls-logoNo. It’s not a made up word. I thought it was. I was wrong.

But I’ve been wrong before.

And with any luck (and a little salt thrown over the shoulder), I’ll be wrong again.

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Gratitudes for the last 7 days: Irony, Summer, Necessary, Experiment, Wing, Disagree, Ease

Love. Art. Inspiration.

The Innovation of Loneliness

Wake Up (film trailer)|Wake Up (plot)

FinerMinds – This Woman Will…

Can hearing from the dead heal the living?

Embracing Uncertainty – Rhizomatic learning

Daryl Burnett Business Introvert

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sml-lls-logoHorn of plenty anyone?

I think that may be the first time I’ve ever used my last name in a play on words (likely the last time too).

Lots to cover on this episode. Fall is just around the corner, mentors and colleagues from my Internet marketing past, crowdfunding records being broken, Bodhisattva in training and more…

Dave Lakhani sent out a newsletter! It’s been a while but always great to see what Dave is up to (he’s also been working with another mentor of mine, Tellman Knudson of list building, hypnosis and NLP fame). SHABAMBO!

Indiegogo has set an all time record with crowdfunding donations for a single campaign. Over $10 million collected so far for Ubuntu Edge. Amazing stuff. But will Ubuntu Edge be able to collect? We’ll know in 5 days.

We are all meant to hold space for love and light is a short blog post by Amy Oscar. She asks a great question (and I like great questions).

Aren’t we all a Bodhisattva in the making? Okay. That’s my paraphrased version of the question Amy asks.

Well aren’t we?

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How Do You Spell…

sml-lls-logoRelationships? That’s easy; C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N.

Sometimes it is easier said than done though. Yes indeed.

This episode also introduces a new category here on LLS. Loves Winks has full focus on relationships. Simple human relationships in all the varieties one might imagine.

Okay. Simple sometimes goes out the window when us humans enter the equation. But hey. That’s life.

Have you ever had any kind of relationship challenge(s)?

My answer is a resounding “YES!” (you’ll have to answer for yourself though).

Yes. I am the common denominator in my own personal relationships. I am the only person who has any control over me no matter what human interaction I’m in.

Take a look in the mirror if you’re wondering who that single common denominator is in your own personal relationships. All done?

For me the challenge part has another common thread.

Every relationship challenge I have boils down to my ability (or inability) to communicate. Every. Time.

Enter someone who through her own experiences and expertise is qualified to help us all communicate in better ways…

Meet Alison Armstrong.

A couple of years ago when I was first introduced to her work, I learned more about myself in 10 minutes than I have in 50+ years of my own relationship experiences.

Alison’s company, PAX Programs Incorporated, has tons of (free) resources to help you too:

PAX~World News Embraces Squirrels,  Has Orgasms By Choice, Has Favorite Feelings, Thinks Men Make Lousy Pets, Recognizes the Accountable Feminine, Gives It Away, Has a Great ASK and so much more.

Videos to Watch – Understanding Men and Women, 7 Things You Need to Know about Sex, Making Sense of Men, How Women Think, How to Change a Woman and How Not to Change a Man.

Conversations to Hear – Finding You in the Goo, The Dennis Prager Show (14 episodes) , The Aware Show and Chris Howard’s Mentor Circle.

Core Differences in Men & Women (interview series) on YouTube:

Part 1Part 2 & Part 3

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It’s All About… Them!

sml-lls-logoNever a doubt here. But this show is not about me.

How about you? What’s the real reason for your business to exist?

Ain’t about you. Ever. It’s always all about other people (aka them). Without them you have no business. You may have a hobby but you certainly don’t have a business.

Here is the simple framework any business operates on:

1. A product or service to sell.

2. An audience interested in the product or service.

3. An offer which connects one to the other.

Yes. There are lots of other moving parts in this simple framework. However the 3 steps described above form the basis to build any solid business model on.

This episode of LLS 101 is part 2 of a 3 part series that started here.

This post by Tara Gentile may help you focus on your One Person.

Tad Hargrave gives us his Island B perspective (excellent).

Bernadette Jiwa offers this on back then versus now.

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Leave a voice message if you have a comment, question or just want a little help.

You’ll be heard.

Thank you as always for listening in (and reading).

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Summer Chill

sml-lls-logoKick back time. Those dog days of summer are really here.

How is your summer treating you and yours so far?

Cool shout outs and hat tips here for family, friends and stuff that just makes me say “Wow!” (so I hope you enjoy what is shared here too).

Grateful for a short escape with the family. See a quick video of the stage we were privileged to play on here.

My son Riley is taking on the big adventure of Marathon Running. Leave a comment or social share on his blog to offer a bit of encouragement. He would love to have you chime in.

Woo woo meets science twice…

Turns out the moon may have something to do with our sleep patterns according to a National Geographic article.

Who knew incremental orbital charting of planet dances created such beautiful mandalas? Not me but my friends Julia, Kristen and Kramer probably did.

Can we (yes we as in you, me and we) change how big money affects politics? Great video which brings relevant voices (like ours) into the conversation. I love the thoughts here. A lot.

Video playback challenge from Gratitudes post published yesterday is eliminated (it’s a great vid have a look).

I had to catch my breath and take a drink of water after just reading the title out loud. Imagine how good their actual conversation is. Superb. Listen at least twice (guys only).

Amy Oscar, thank you for your Inspiration Friday posts. They are indeed inspiring!

And remember; This is only a tset.

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Got Purpose?

sml-lls-logoDo you have the purpose thing figured out? Not yet?

You may already have it and not even realize that you do.

What if your purpose right now is to go out and search for true purpose and your search is your purpose? Would you be comfortable playing in that space as your purpose just for now?

Food for thought.

This episode is part 1 of a 3 part series.

Resource links mentioned in this LLS 101 episode:

Danielle LaPorte|What Are You Afraid Of?
Derek Sivers|Whatever scares you…
Alexandra Franzen|Rapid self discovery
Chris Brogan|Fearless?
Tara Gentile|Self Determined

Also check the Worthy of You links in the right sidebar or here.

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Grateful for the catalyst ideas are.

“Ideas are just a multiplier of execution.” ~ Derek Sivers

Thank you.