Grateful this a.m. to be in the flow… unless I’m not. Grateful anyway.

Flow is flow even when not. Flowing. Turn it a little.

Have a different taste. Have another thought.

Now I am curious of the origin for Sage & Clown and more. Always more.

Do you suppose there is a single Archetype for Alchemist, Teacher, Student and Artist? This is a question I might pose to the Sage then listen quietly and softly. Gently.

Clown? Something I enjoyed until the archetype shifted and others begged me not to. Tortured soul. Operatic. Tragedy and tears through ever present laughing smiles.

Toward now. Fright fear. Horror filled zombie-esque. Grotesque. Torturing souls. Renders flesh. Add cider vinegar and lemon juice. Figment of a shift.

Mirror mirror.

Shadows are not always dark. What does the mirror say when you ask you?

Thank You.