Fear and Love?

This day I am grateful to play with “fear and love”.

Many well meaning, loving people believe fear is the opposite of love and love is the opposite of fear. Entire organizations base their spiritual models for existing around this very point of opposition.

Personally I prefer less dogma with my non-dogmatic dogma.

What if fear is simply an aspect of love?

From the perspective of there is nothing but love and only love, “Love is all there is”, love has no opposite. None. (Okay. Now I am grateful for using the word love four times in one sentence.)

So with love removed as the opposing factor to fear what might be waiting on the opposite end of the spectrum from fear?

Perhaps the opposite of fear is faith.

Faith feels like a better choice for me. Kind of a harmony thing. Energetically those two words play better with each other. Fear or faith. Faith or fear.

On the scales of justice I can see fear and faith on either end of a fulcrum of love. I’m all for less moving parts. Always.

Mother Father God (aka Divine), you know I love a good mystery.

Thank you.