Grateful for filters this day.

What you see is what you look for.

Look again.

What you hear is what you listen for.

Listen again.

What you touch is what you feel for.

Feel again.

Your filters are yours. My filters are mine.

We, me, you, she, he, them, they, us.


Yours are yours and mine are mine. I am not allowed to choose for you any more than you’re allowed to choose for me.

Sometimes we are permitted to share though.

Conscious or unconscious. Unconscious or conscious. Either one is perfect.

Consider too, that if conscious can’t experience the depth of the unconscious or unconscious can never completely experience the conscious; or either one of the two has to be present for the existence of the other, then neither exists at all.

Perhaps the only “filters” which ever always exist come from the place where words do not serve.

Where language is not needed or necessary. No spelling bees or debates ever to be won or lost. Ever.


Grateful for sharing.

Thank you.