Grateful for the radical confronted day by day and moment by moment.

Agreement sets no tone for learning in my world. Nope.

Head nodding up and down to say; “You agree with me! How wonderful!” does not churn and turn the soil one tiny bit.

Growth starts to take hold where thoughts rooted in patterns get dug up. Exposed. Aired. Felt. Deeply deep.

Question then shred beyond all recognition. Rinse and repeat.

What if there is nothing to ever forgive or to ever be forgiven for? Nothing.

What if all is exactly as it is supposed to be no matter how much pain any given circumstance seems to bestow?

I know. Radical.

Walls you and I have invested lifetimes to build may actually dissolve.

Poof they’re gone. All that work for nada. Zilch. Zip.


Thank you.