This morning gratitude bows to realization. Homesick for some somewhere. I do not know where. Missing some someone. I don’t know who exactly (whom).

Some somewhere, some someone or the sum total of all turned inside out?

See. Told you it was a mystery.

Choosing to choose not to be chosen or diminished. Leave early often so you lose less.  I am sure paradoxes are ugly beautiful things in a warm fuzzy kind of way.

Whispers of apparitions on the breeze. Winds are quiet now. Only vapors and faery folk to tease and jar meme-ories.

Duly jarred. Dusted this digital sandbox off several weeks ago to dump it all out.

Be aware of “it”. Purge every gut wrenching drop out in digital ink. I ain’t that good though. Bleeding on a page, digital or otherwise, is still spilt blood. What was it Eames said?

“Never let them see the blood.”

Grateful Gratitudes are short pieces to bang out quickly. Still an intention to write and talk stands unfilled. Replaced by some thingy to just get by.

There is a clue.

I like the thought of human tears and seawater being the same thing (and do admit the taste is very similar).

Although seawater can be slightly more crunchy and does feel good rushing away from ones feet.

Especially for these toes.

Just a thought.

Thank you.