In gratitude always for significant dream events.

Sleep paralysis and all.

I’ve had several in this lifetime. Just as vivid today in my heart as they were when those dream moments first spoke loud and clear.

Some from childhood. At least one (maybe two) which I am not sure are dreams at all.

You have them too? Cool! Well at least for me they are cool.

I know they frighten you though. I do. Remember? You’ve told me so. I listen.

If it helps I want you to know mine sometimes scare me too.

It is okay. They’re just a Technicolor carnival ride. Houses of mirrors. Reflections. Ghosts in the machine. Joys. Pains. Smiles. Sorrows. Ecstasy.

Fragments of the silly or insignificant data sometimes. Red herrings.

Guideposts for the listening. Pieces of a puzzle. Some big ones. Some not.

It is okay.

Ask any of those scary “thems” who show up on your dreamscape who or what they are. Go ahead. They’ll answer. They have to. It is okay.


Ask the friendly ones and the benign ones too. They’ll answer.

Sometimes they help you to smile and laugh out loud. And yes sometimes they will say what you don’t want to hear.

Stuff of the soul no one can ever take away. Not even you.

All yours. Don’t be afraid.

It is okay. Really.

Thank You.