The Best

Grateful when the best I have is what I have.

Obscure I know. Pretty sure the reference is from an interview overheard many, many years ago.

Cheech & Chong I think? Maybe just Cheech?

When asked about what the best weed they (he) ever smoked was, the response was sublime and simple.

“Man, the best pot is the pot you got.” ~ Unknown

Make sense?

No. This post isn’t about weed. I don’t care how 420 friendly or unfriendly you are.

Gratitude is at the core.

Be thankful for what you have this moment. Regardless of what it is or is not.

It is enough.

Is there better? Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter.

Saying ‘Thank You’ for the best you’ve got helps you get to better.

Especially when your heart is head over heels in love with the best you have right now (and your smile beams from inside out).

God, I love how it makes me feel when you smile.

Thank you.