Fear Less (with a Twist)

sml-lls-logoEvery once in a while I catch myself in fear for the business of life and the life of business.

You too?

Then you know how it feels. You know exactly.

Usually my thinking (as in lots of) gets me in my own way.

This episode of Liquid Life Solutions is all about a very cool tool that helped me (as in lots of) move quickly past one of those fears that came up as I come to grips with building something new.

Below you’ll be able to listen in as I work through getting clear on more levels than one around who I am and what I do.

The Great I Am Worksheet creator, Alexandra Franzen, gives clear instruction to write down your answers.

I didn’t. Instead I talked through each of the 10 elements and recorded my voice because I can talk way faster than I can write. Spoken words work better for me.

After recording I grabbed a pencil, listened and quickly wrote the distilled answers from the recorded content.

10 elements. 2 minutes on each element. 20 minutes total. Then 15 minutes of writing to sum it all up.

For me the results are priceless. No, I will likely not share my results. I want you to have your experience without seeing any finished (my written) worksheet results.

For your free copy of the worksheet on Alexandra’s website click this link:

So. Many. Splendid. Things.

Once you’re there, read her post all the way through and look for this sub-heading; The great I AM worksheet close to the end. There you’ll find the link to download your own copy (PDF) of Alexandra’s very cool tool.

Nothing to buy. Zero strings.

Once you read the post and go through the worksheet you’ll likely want more. Go ahead and connect with her by subscribing.

Alexandra’s work illuminates and is very much worthy of you.

Below is the audio of my 20 minute experience of going through The Great I Am Worksheet.

Click the arrow on the player to listen or save the audio for later consumption. Total show length is 25 minutes.

Even better just go to Alexandra’s page link above, get her PDF worksheet and have some fun. I felt lighter and way less fear in my path after doing just that. No twist needed.

Enjoy. And as always, thank you for listening.

Right Click Here to download the mp3.