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Quest2015 – Day 9

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“What if you could envision how to live your quest in 2015 with the provocative guidance of visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, thought leaders, artists, writers, teachers, and adventurers?”Jeffrey DavisTracking Wonder

Today’s Theme: Shadow Bags

Here is the creative prompt shared with us on December 20 by Eric Klein

How will you face your shadow bag and stop the stink, so you can bring forth what is best within you in 2015? What can you claim right now?

After hitting that creative wall on writing any response for @EricKlein‘s theme I decided to do an audio riff to explore the possibilities.

The digital ink here showed up after I listened back to my one sided conversation.

It is a process. So scroll to the end of this post, listen first, then come back to continue reading.

Up to you though because it’s my bag of dharma poop to empty in process (albeit one that may or may not take a while).

Know that the me, myself and I will be okay with either way you choose. Guaranteed.

As for me I choose to face my “shadow bag” with gratitude as a filter to “stop the stink”.

What is in that bag representing parts of my true self that have been cut off and discarded still remains to be seen.

Gratitude. Both the easy kind and the not so easy kind is my first tool of choice to try no matter what appears.

Gratitude for all those, cut to the core, tear your heart out, pain filled, there will be blood experiences of life.

In his inspired disruptive dharma essay Klein suggests that the power of the true self to bring forth the best you can’t coexist with “nice”.

Personally I’ll have to put that possibility to the test since “nice” is a big word with different meanings for different people.

In retrospect I have been told by several other people, in a variety of situations and circumstances, that I am “nice” or “too nice”.

The word that comes to mind as I set “nice” aside for the time being is “kind”.

Now I wonder if the power of my true self and “kind” can coexist? Can I live fully into the power of my best self and embrace kindness at the same time?

Perhaps another experiment is in the making or a subtle layer to add in the mix of my current experiment?

I don’t know. And I am good with not knowing right now.

In the mean time I choose to stick my nose in my own bag of dharmic dung, take a long deep whiff and let (my) soul-ular self figure out what cut off part requires attention.

Then all I as a being human have to do is choose to listen for an answer or not.

So many juicy questions to consider here.

Time to get out of my own way for now and allow process to do the work process does best.

But before I do I’ll tip my hat and say thank you to another business artist for her digital ink reminder about process.

Thank you Nancy (he said with a tip his hat)!


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