Holes in the Water

Quest2015 – Day 10

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“What if you could envision how to live your quest in 2015 with the provocative guidance of visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, thought leaders, artists, writers, teachers, and adventurers?”Jeffrey DavisTracking Wonder

Update 01/04/2015: Be sure and listen in on the thirty three second audio comment from someone who says in a few words what I want to say too so many of you who are questing too.

Thank you Suzi Banks Baum for clicking the green tab on the right.

Thanks too for your response to our Who Will Miss You? question on the Laundry Line Divine (scroll to the end to hear more). Namaste.

Today’s Theme: Who Will Miss You?

Here is the creative prompt shared by Seth Godin on December 23 for all the questers…

Who would miss you if you were gone? If you didn’t show up to work, didn’t send out that newsletter, didn’t make that sales call, didn’t tweet that tweet… who would miss it? How does your answer shape how you’ll live out 2015?

There is a story teachers often tell a would be protegee or future empire builder. Maybe you’ve heard it before?

The get a bucket, put some water in it, put your fist in the bucket of water then quickly take your fist out of the water story.

The one where you get to notice the big hole left in the water where your fist once was.

Godin’s prompt brought that story to my thought stream quickly. Before the questions he asks ever had a chance to start marinating.

Is that a response to some cut off part of my true self rising to the top of the shadow bag?

Any prompt to shine a light on who will miss me and my best so I can be the best I can be for you and your work is likely not far from my steaming dharmic stink sack anyway.

Those who would miss me are closest friends. Treasured weekly mastermind partners and an accountability buddy who shifts business of life conversation to a new level.

How do I know those people would miss me? That’s easy. I would miss them (a metric easy to track).

With my best work for 2015 showing up as the launch of a legacy journey, the who will miss me most may not be fully in a dialog yet.

This is a fresh adventure. Momentum carries the project forward but right now it’s too early to tell who and how my best work serves.

I don’t know who I don’t know anymore than others don’t know who they don’t know they don’t know.

And that is indeed an exciting place to be in as long as I would miss myself too.

For the coming year it feels like my best reflects from the best of others around me each doing their best stuff too.

Now the bucket story starts to make sense. Framework behind a canvas solves it’s own whole half of one mystery on hand.

For those I am in mutual miss bliss with to fully show up, there are a thousand times as many more who hear but do not listen, say “no”, “maybe” or utter nothing at all.

And that requires having more fun than any being human could ever imagine by trying to make lots and lots of holes in the water.


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