Leaping Leapers!

Quest2015 – Day 4

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“What if you could envision how to live your quest in 2015 with the provocative guidance of visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, thought leaders, artists, writers, teachers, and adventurers?”Jeffrey DavisTracking Wonder

Today’s Theme: Heart Leaps

Here is the prompt posted for Questers on December 9 courtesy of Pam Houston

Sit quietly and ask yourself, what in the last day or week or month has made your heart leap up? Not what should, or might or always had, but what did. Make that list. Be honest, even if it surprises you. Keep the list with you this month. Add to it when it happens. Train yourself to notice. Then ask your self today, how can I arrange my life to get more of those heart leaps in it?

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What follows is a personal answer to the question asked by @Pam_Houston.

Q: How can I arrange my life to get more of those heart leaps in it?

  • I can choose to love myself even if all I do is say out loud or silently; “I love myself” as often as possible.
  • I can ask for more of the very same heart leaps that are already on my list.
  • I can review my heart leap list and remember how each one felt when it was first written.
  • I can expect unknown heart leaps to show up since I already know how good the known ones feel.
  • I can practice being grateful for things I would never consider being grateful for.
  • I can ask myself how I most want to feel after doing an activity before ever starting that activity.
  • I can keep the small memo pad (and a pen) I use for heart leap notes close at hand.
  • I can add several subtle “Heart Leaps?” sticky note reminders in my work and living area.
  • I can commit to mindfully exploring heart leaps for 5 minutes each day for the next 30 days.

And there you have my answers to the question for today’s theme.

How will those answers play out for my 2015 best work? I don’t know. But it’s certainly worth testing.


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