True Grit(s)

 Quest2015 – Day 1

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“What if you could envision how to live your quest in 2015 with the provocative guidance of visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, thought leaders, artists, writers, teachers, and adventurers?”Jeffrey DavisTracking Wonder

Today’s Theme: Gritty Compassion

Here is the prompt posted for Questers on December 2 by Jen Louden

Grit without compassion is just grind.

What would be most fun to create this year?

How can self-compassionate grit support you in that creating?

Okay. My reflection on the prompt above is now posted a full week after the original start date for Quest2015.

Why? Because choosing to do the work to share this first reflection and start my quest adventure felt like a grind!

Not a good place to be at all considering there are 11 more prompts to reflect on throughout December (the last one shows up on 12/27).

Maybe it was the word “grit” that first threw me for a loop in the creative process?

After all it is an odd word to these ears. But then again so is the word “grind”.

Doesn’t matter. That was then. This is now. And I choose to keep the promises made to myself to reflect on all the Quest2015 prompts.

What follows is a mustering of my own “grit” and having fun with personal reflections plus setting in motion any of the results that may show up after all 12 reflections are finished.

“Grit” conjured up immediate memories for me of the classic 1969 film True Grit.

Especially a vivid memory of this scene where Marshall Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne) squares off in a deadly medieval jousting match (old west style) with the outlaw Ned Pepper (Robert Duvall) and his desperadoes…

True grit indeed.

“Grit” also brought to mind the name of a newspaper I remember from many years ago when my father and I would go to the barber shop.

Always filled with the favorite comic strips of the day plus unusual advertisements “Grit” held my attention while we waited for our respective turns in the barber chair.

And only when I searched online for that fond piece of my childhood did I find something to fully resonate with what the word “grit” held for me.

There inside a long list of search results was this…


Those words; “qualities of courage and dedication to make a difference” (emphasis added above) gave the somewhat uncomfortable word new weight and substance both in my mind and heart.

Plus the self-compassion moving part of that grit vs. grind equation Jen Louden offered also takes on stronger gravity when the movie clip and those nine words in the search results mingle together.

For me  a more beautiful, passionate, sustainable aspect of grit has emerged.

Now the two questions Louden posed in her prompt can deliver on the possibility I feel they were intended to for my 2015 quest.

Q: What would be most fun to create this year?

Creating and launching a legacy project to help those who’ve cared for (or are caring for) an aging loved one know there is a light at the end of their care provider tunnel.

This is a place where every caregiver can freely access needed resources to help them know they are not broken, they’re not alone and that someone with compassionate, caring ears is willing to listen.

Q: How can self-compassionate grit support me in that creating?

By knowing that what feels like a huge and overwhelming project right now will sort itself out within the courage to take many small steps dedicated to make a difference one conversation at a time.

By making a choice to be kind to myself by working on parts of the project that feel most fun for me and to get out of the way so other people involved can work on parts which feel the most fun for them.

Meanwhile I’ll hold fast to that vision of Rooster Cogburn clinching the reins in his teeth, guns at the ready in both hands and riding forward toward an unknown result others might label as impossible.

Works for me.


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