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Quest2015 – Day 6

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“What if you could envision how to live your quest in 2015 with the provocative guidance of visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, thought leaders, artists, writers, teachers, and adventurers?”Jeffrey DavisTracking Wonder

Today’s Theme: The Upside of Your Dark Side

Here is the prompt posted for Questers on December 13 courtesy of Todd Kashdan

Which emotions do you feel most guilty about having? Afraid that others might find out? How could you spend this year trying to be open to the emotional window that allows you to be courageous? It rarely feels good right before we do something courageous, but these moments are the most meaningful and treasured.

My answers for the questions asked by @ToddKashdan

Q: Which emotions do I feel most guilty about having? Afraid that others might find out?

What initially feels like a full menu of emotions for me narrows to fear and sadness as the front runners of guilty feelings.

Of those two emotions fear feels like the one I don’t want others to find out about.

After all I can recall times in the not so distant past and beyond when sadness and it’s close relatives were not in the equation.

But I do not recall very many times when fear or being afraid of something hasn’t been in the daily emotional mix.

Some days more. Some days less. But always there.

Even in the writing of this response there is a fear present.

I am afraid to hit the “Publish” button and launch this post.

And behind that fear is a larger fear of telling other people I made something and it is out there now for everyone to see.

Why am I afraid? Because I don’t want anyone to find out about my fear(s).

Q: How could I spend this year trying to be open to the emotional window that allows me to be courageous?

What I can do starting now and in 2015 is to try to open that emotional fear window and keep trying.

And I can accept that in every act of trying I am actually in the act of doing.

I think that’s where the title of this post came from.

Remember that whole Yoda; “There is no try, there is only do” dialog in one of the Star Wars films?

That tiny green sage was not saying to the hero not to try. Nope.

What Yoda was saying was that to try is to do.

For me his lesson is all about letting go of one word often linked with try as a useless moving part.

You know that word as well as I do. It’s failure.

Since try is often accepted by many as a way of saying failure, courage to be open to the emotional window by a context shift in a word is worth a try to face my fear.

That is one small step which feels courageous to me.

Hitting the publish button is another small step I’m going to try. Then I’ll try sharing the link.

So if you read this and you got here clicking a shared link my emotional window is opening and to try is to do.


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