Intimate (digital) Connection(s)

See the e-Mail connection widget right there in the top right hand corner of this page? Join the Conversation…


e-Mail is the most intimate digital ink communication medium you and I have for Liquid Life Solutions. Join the Conversation… connects you to the most used address I have for e-Mails.

This is not an ‘auto-responder’ e-Mail list. You’re not going to get a pre-written series of e-Mails pretending to speak to your listening.

When you see an e-Mail from me it will be personally crafted, hopefully delivered from the heart and aligned with the core desired feelings I want more of in my life.

I promise zero to two (0 – 2) e-Mails a week that will over deliver with something relevant and important for you. I intend to always be worthy of your attention. Simply choices to ponder and ideas to consider.

There will never be affiliate links on Liquid Life Solutions. Wow. Never is a big word. Any resources shared via links etc. go straight to Source. To do anything differently would be to not honor LLS.

I can guarantee your e-Mail will be read. All you have to do is reply to any e-Mail I send you. Wish I could promise to respond to you personally but I can’t. Know that what you wrote is being read. Best I’ll do for now.

Giant stride baby steps. Take one right now and connect with me via e-Mail if you feel like it makes sense for you. Thank you.