Time Management & Tomatoes

Questions usually show up around business conversion sooner or later. One of the big ones asked and overheard on a regular basis is about what are good time management systems, tools etc.

For several years now I’ve run across a common thread in the time management tapestry. That common thread wraps around the core concept of timing tasks using some kind of count down mechanism telling you a certain amount of time has passed. Like an oven timer.

Until recently the name was a mystery to me.

Enter the Pomodoro Technique and common sense instructions on how to use the technique.

What I like is there’s finally a name for the set of tools surrounding what had only been a vague reference. That this set of free tools has been hanging around since 1993 or so also prompts a big thumbs up.

My own experience with Pomodoro is still a work in progress. While I enjoy the timed value for doing mundane tasks and assignments, I have difficulty stopping work on something I enjoy doing.

For another (more in depth) look give this blog post by Alyssa Gregory a read through. Good stuff.

Francisco Cirillo (the Pomodoro creator) has further insights on the current happenings around the technique on his blog. 

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