sml-lls-logoHorn of plenty anyone?

I think that may be the first time I’ve ever used my last name in a play on words (likely the last time too).

Lots to cover on this episode. Fall is just around the corner, mentors and colleagues from my Internet marketing past, crowdfunding records being broken, Bodhisattva in training and more…

Dave Lakhani sent out a newsletter! It’s been a while but always great to see what Dave is up to (he’s also been working with another mentor of mine, Tellman Knudson of list building, hypnosis and NLP fame). SHABAMBO!

Indiegogo has set an all time record with crowdfunding donations for a single campaign. Over $10 million collected so far for Ubuntu Edge. Amazing stuff. But will Ubuntu Edge be able to collect? We’ll know in 5 days.

We are all meant to hold space for love and light is a short blog post by Amy Oscar. She asks a great question (and I like great questions).

Aren’t we all a Bodhisattva in the making? Okay. That’s my paraphrased version of the question Amy asks.

Well aren’t we?

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As always, thank you for sharing your time, your mind and your ears (show length 10 minutes).

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