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Okay. No prizes (they’re not in the budget).

Welcome to a new episode of LLS 101 (aka The Faux Show). You are listening aren’t you? Just scroll down to the audio player at the bottom to listen in (or download the audio for later).

So how have you been and what are you working on? I bet it’s good stuff whatever it is.

Me? I’m working on Bending The Web and no, I’m not baked (crispy around the edges never hurts though).

Bending is reserved for one of my three re-designed web properties. It’ll be a case study based on Jack’s work I’ll execute on my personal biz blog – not here on Liquid Life Solutions.

Good stuff from the world wide inter-webs…

Henneke Duistermaat | Is your biz blog boring?
Demian Farnworth | Storytelling Crash Course
Sally Hogshead | How to be Powerful (Yes you!)
Srinivas Rao (Srini) | Small Army Lessons (strategy)
Jac McNeil | re: Players, Pretenders & Fake Friends
Michael Stelzner | SME Why You & I Share Stuff

Special thanks to John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing for a free pass to the Sally Hogshead Fascination Advantage Test at (has to be one of the most revealing assessments I’ve ever participated in).

An interesting and highly entertaining film…

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor (trailer)

Family shout outs to my kiddos…

Hey there Scott! Hi there Kara! Ho there Riley! What’s cookin’ Sarah!

What good is the web if one cannot annoy ones children?

Okay. Enough with the silly fun. How about some serious fun?

I don’t know anyone who uses this (except for hobbyists and wannabes) but it’s still funny…

How a “Field of Dreams” biz model really works. Really.

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