Geeks & Freaks

sml-lls-logoOf the sales and marketing variety.

In this episode of Liquid Life Solutions we will visit with discomfort a little bit (yours and mine).

Plus I will be sharing a few off the beaten path kind of inspirations to touch your inner geekdomness.

Okay. They touch my inner geek. Scroll down to listen in.

Not the usual stuff for selling and marketing but then again I’m grateful to be a little bit unusual.

Three favorite films mentioned for pure inspiration:

Middle Men – Based on a true story. Superb.
Kumare’ – See what you look for, hear what you listen for.
Smell of Success – Billy Bob, magic mushrooms and poo.

(Thanks to Chris Brogan for the Kumare’ recommend.)

Three favorite books mentioned for even more:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Just be you.
Green Eggs and Ham – Curse you Sam I Am.
Eat, Pray, Love – No matter what just be grateful.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, I’d love to hear yours.

What are your favorite non-typical books or films which speak to the listening of your own inner sales geek and marketing freak?

Use the green “Be Heard…” tab on the right. I listen. e-Mail works too. I reply.

Some of this show may cause discomfort or disagreement (there is also a nsfw word or two). Take a long deep look at where you’re most uncomfortable.

Those places where you disagree are where you find you in this business of life and the life of business. Take them head on.

Your power hides at the point where your agreements end.

Listen in using the player below or use the download link and enjoy later.

And as always, thank you for lending an ear (show length 12 minutes).

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