It’s All About… Them!

sml-lls-logoNever a doubt here. But this show is not about me.

How about you? What’s the real reason for your business to exist?

Ain’t about you. Ever. It’s always all about other people (aka them). Without them you have no business. You may have a hobby but you certainly don’t have a business.

Here is the simple framework any business operates on:

1. A product or service to sell.

2. An audience interested in the product or service.

3. An offer which connects one to the other.

Yes. There are lots of other moving parts in this simple framework. However the 3 steps described above form the basis to build any solid business model on.

This episode of LLS 101 is part 2 of a 3 part series that started here.

This post by Tara Gentile may help you focus on your One Person.

Tad Hargrave gives us his Island B perspective (excellent).

Bernadette Jiwa offers this on back then versus now.

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