Mastermind Mastery…

sml-lls-logoOne of those common threads (and storylines) in my business life is the power of the Mastermind.

Yes. The Napoleon Hill kind.

If you’re not where you want to be, or if you’re stuck in a rut without a clue how to get out, you’ll enjoy this one of a kind episode of LLS 101 (aka the Faux Show).

When you put yourself in alignment with another mind (Masterminds form where two or more minds gather) you tap into something spiritual. Something some might call magic.

Either way you are putting yourself in communion with another person.

For me and my business, Masterminds were (and still are) how I am able to hang out with people much more intelligent and business savvy than myself, how I’ve been blessed to play a key part in online projects that seemed out of reach and how I am transforming myself today.

Hill, for many, is the most learned contributor to the study of the  power of the formal Mastermind. His name is still part of daily conversations that started back in 1928 about the topic of Masterminds.

You can download a digital version of Dr. Hill’s most famous work by clicking: Think and Grow Rich (completely free). There is also a rare video of Dr. Hill sharing Think and Grow Rich on YouTube.

Jack Boland also played a key role in the Mastermind conversation in later years by bringing the power of the Mastermind to popularity in the Unity churches.

I’ve also been privileged to speak from the stage about Masterminds and teach large and small groups alike a method of Masterminding which takes six – seven people less than an hour to complete.

My buddy Chuck is preparing now to speak at a November 2013 event where he will be speaking on the subject of creating a better life and Masterminds.

New Mastermind groups are constantly forming.

I’ve led hundreds of hours of Masterminds and participated in thousands of hours of Masterminding sessions. Right now I am putting new Masterminds together and would like you to be a part of one.

Would you like to try on a Mastermind?

Most are virtual and held over tele-conference lines so no travel is required.

You can participate no matter where you are as long as you have a phone connection. Shoot me an e-Mail or leave a voice message here on the blog.

Listen to Mastermind Mastery… on the player below or right click to save the audio (mp3) for later.

As always, thank you for your time, your mind and your ears (show length 11 minutes).

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