Summer Chill

sml-lls-logoKick back time. Those dog days of summer are really here.

How is your summer treating you and yours so far?

Cool shout outs and hat tips here for family, friends and stuff that just makes me say “Wow!” (so I hope you enjoy what is shared here too).

Grateful for a short escape with the family. See a quick video of the stage we were privileged to play on here.

My son Riley is taking on the big adventure of Marathon Running. Leave a comment or social share on his blog to offer a bit of encouragement. He would love to have you chime in.

Woo woo meets science twice…

Turns out the moon may have something to do with our sleep patterns according to a National Geographic article.

Who knew incremental orbital charting of planet dances created such beautiful mandalas? Not me but my friends Julia, Kristen and Kramer probably did.

Can we (yes we as in you, me and we) change how big money affects politics? Great video which brings relevant voices (like ours) into the conversation. I love the thoughts here. A lot.

Video playback challenge from Gratitudes post published yesterday is eliminated (it’s a great vid have a look).

I had to catch my breath and take a drink of water after just reading the title out loud. Imagine how good their actual conversation is. Superb. Listen at least twice (guys only).

Amy Oscar, thank you for your Inspiration Friday posts. They are indeed inspiring!

And remember; This is only a tset.

Listen on the player below or save the mp3 audio for later.

Thank you as always for the time, mind and ear share (show length 15 minutes).

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