Take Two

sml-lls-logoThere’s nothing like good friends and good conversation.

What conversation would you like to have and with who?

I know. Questions. Questions.

Kramer Wetzel joins me in this episode to talk about culture, film, consumption plus more shiny objects than you can count (at least in a 16 minute conversation).

Listen or download below. You can also follow along with these references and resources mentioned in the show:

Our last attempt: Locally Non-Local
Bill Shakespeare film: Much Ado About Nothing
RSS feed thingys: Reeder, Feedly, The Old Reader
Social opinions: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter
Kramer would like to hear: Hugh MacLeod & Gaping Void
Where Hugh lives (and on my bucket list): Marfa, Texas
Kramer’s other website: SkyFriday.com
Fishing: Rockport, Texas

Your ears (and other parts too) are always appreciated.

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