“What do you want?”

sml-lls-logoOkay. What do you really want? It’s a fair question.

Four (or five) tiny words with infinite possibilities.

Ask most people what they really want and they’ll begin to conjure up a long list of what they do not want at light speed (or even faster).

Kind of a default human anthem of anti-wants to eliminate the familiar I suppose. Or perhaps they heard the question but were not listening.

What do you really want?

In this episode of LLS 101 I’ll explore what is top of mind for me over the past week, offer a perspective from others you may not have heard and gain more clarity around what I really want.


No. I’m not here to tell you what to want or to not want.

Those choices are up to you. Always.

Although if you do not choose what you want, someone will choose for you. Your choices get made either way.

Mentions from this episode:

James Altucher|I Want To Be Like…
Seth Godin|(need to vs. want to)
Deepak Chopra|Manifesting Your Desires
Danielle LaPorte|Extreme Visualization

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As always, thank you for lending your time, your mind and your ears (show length 10 minutes).

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