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Choose an online RSS Reader that’s free, fun, easy to access, easy to set up and has a search feature built in.

There are many choices of RSS Readers available. Some are free and some are services you must pay for. Some are completely online while others have software to download onto your computer.

Our suggestion is to keep your RSS Reader choice simple. Think about it for a moment, since you are going to be consuming Really Simple Syndicated content doesn’t it make sense to use a really simple tool to deliver the content you want to consume?

One of the leading RSS Readers with easy access, easy set up and built in search comes from our friends at Google. The Google Reader fits all the requirements for Secret #1. In addition to easy access (requires a Google account), point and click simple set up and a RSS feed search feature already built in, Google Reader is free and does not require a software download to enjoy all of the benefits.

Your Google Reader already has many of the features other RSS Readers will charge for.

Kiva Whys

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“We are in an age that assumes the narrowing trends of specialization to be logical, natural, and desirable. Consequently, society expects all earnestly responsible communication to be crisply brief… In the meantime, humanity has been deprived of comprehensive understanding. Specialization has bred feelings of isolation, futility, and confusion in individuals. It has also resulted in the individuals leaving responsibility for thinking and social action to others. Specialization breeds biases that ultimately aggregate as international and ideological discord, which, in turn, leads to war.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Big believer in lending to the entrepreneurs any where they are. Kiva makes sense in the big picture change our planet is moving through.

When $25 US can help someone like you and me meet a monthly budget I’m paying attention. Go ahead and click though the banner in the sidebar.

Kiva is something on my radar screen. What makes you want to give?

Help if you can.

The Year You Finally Get Everything You Deserve?

Is The Year 2010 The Year You’ll Finally Succeed as an Internet Marketer?

What obstacles have been holding you back from achieving the kind of success you’ve always dreamed about for the last five months?

Do you even know what’s hurting your financial success? Not everyone does.

New marketers can tend to spin their wheels forever, running out of money in the process until one day they quit trying and leave the IM business frustrated and broke.

What I want you to do before this month is over is to slow down, reassess strategy and move cautiously for a few days. Now STOP trying any and all get rich quick schemes. Let go of them now or everything your working for will disappear.

If you’re still working a job, don’t quit until your Internet Marketing business is flourishing. That way you won’t be dealing with the stress of money and then grasp at straws as a last resort.

If now is the time to re-focus for where you want to be with your business at the end of 2010, start with a couple of questions similar to these…

Q: Do you love working one on one with people?

Q: Are you fond of writing and research?

Keep asking yourself questions to drill deeper in on what you really want.

Now as you learn, take baby steps to build your business the right way. Don’t go too fast or you may skip an important component that could make the difference between success and failure.

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More: I’ll Get Totally Focused… In a Minute!

Let’s consider what kind of business we want to build. If it’s around info product creation, then you’ll want to flesh out a list of all those tasks we have to do that are associated with info product creation.

Such as: niche research, keyword list building, outline for the info product, creation of the info product, sales copy creation and tweaking, affiliate herding (similar to cat wrangling), list building, etc.

Organize a timeline – but what comes first?

Don’t worry about PPC ads when you haven’t completed your e-Book yet. Give every task a time-frame.

How long does it take to write an e-Book anyway? Map it out, be way more than flexible with yourself and don’t panic if e-Book takes a tiny bit longer than you thought it would.

Now pencil in tasks that have to be done over the rest of 2010. For example, keyword research will not end in some niche markets. You’ll likely also find out how trends affect the way people search and know things as soon as possible. And it’ll also help us cash in on the evolution within a given niche.

Don’t let new reports, white-papers and other shiny objects take you away from your mission. Unsubscribe from the lists that continually do nothing but hard sell you and focus only on a few that motivate you and make sense.

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I’ll Get Totally Focused… In a Minute!

One big problem I see from the folks who come to me for Internet Marketing advice is they just can’t seem to figure out what to do next.

Not only that, but their path(s) meander all over the place – from learning the latest PPC non-slapping techniques to how to launch new poducts and even working on an info product they can call their very own. Maybe an e-Book or something more ambitious?

Information overload is smacking us right between the eyes.

There are greener pastures though where overload stops if you’re willing to look at the rest of 2010 and make a FOCUSED plan now instead of jumping all over the place as you go along.

Part of that “One big problem” we talked about earlier is that we’re all kind of like kids in a candy store.

We’re looking at one bright shiny new object after another and aren’t really sure what they do anyway OR we already own more IM bright shiny objects than we can count.

How about we start right here and right now?

For the rest of 2010, let’s do better things!

Sit down and map out your plan month by month. Afterall, you only have 7 months to plan out instead of 12. How about we just get started on the rest of this month and next month? Imagine the possibilities.

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