Gentle Reminder

Gratitude permeates our Universe. More of an infusion. Visionary and breathtaking. Scope? No doubt.

Watch the short 10 minute video below from TED to enjoy a subtle and gentle reminder.

Seems perfect for the offering, giving and unconditional receiving of gratitude.

Thank you.

30 Pound #blog30

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Still working at 30 posts by 11:59:59 pm tonight! Each one weighs a ton and I’m learning keyboarding ain’t my strong suite.

Through the 30 day blog challenge a style has emerged (it was there the whole time). Connie Green brings a keen ability to do the basics, keep it fun and do it all over and over and over again. she knows what it takes to make money with Internet Marketing.

Thanks for letting me play Connie!

When the time is available there were some superstars involved in #blog30 on Twitter that deserve a tip of the hat and a huge thank you for going above and beyond. You are each an inspiring, dedicated example of tenacity and fearlessness.

Though I would like to jump in for June, I’ll have to sit the next one out. Best to everyone! Keep your fingers limber and your powder dry!

Comments are welcomed.

WLBBG The End?

Now you’ve seen (and heard) what the future holds (in my opinion only. thank you).

Let’s look back at what the “Little Black Book of Internet Marketing Predictions 2010? has to shown us.

Feeling a little stuck from where you started in January 2010 is okay. If we don’t feel stuck sometimes then I have to wonder how effective we really are.

As we traveled through the series we bumped into a lot of low hanging branches about our social marketing thingys, getting totally focused… maybe, and Internet Marketing Pie.

We covered Info Products on a couple of fronts, spoke a little spanish (with help), and dove deeper into seasonal opportunities and the eCommerce IM segment.

Is this your year to get everything you deserve rounded us out along with what is working and a quick what’s not.

And finally what it really means (at least to me) when coaching and consulting make you money in both directions.

Here’s to the low hanging fruit on all those low hanging branches — go pick it and enjoy! 2010 still has the potential to be filled with never ending possibilities!

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What’s Working – What’s Not

Get rich quick schemes kind of evaporated in 2009. In 2010 and especially from this month forward, it’s all about building your business from the ground floor.

That includes looking at your online efforts from the perspective of a brick and mortar entrepreneur.

1) You want to know which titles you’ll wear in the business – will you just manage everyone working for you (meaning freelancers and service providers)?

2) Will you have a hands on approach to the graphics or content?

3) Will you oversee the marketing and advertising development for your products and let outsourced professionals handle all the rest?

You need a plan, and part of that plan is to evaluate each of your opportunities to see which business model would best suit your personal preferences and your financial needs.

It might be info product creator, software developer, service provider, membership site coordinator – there are many options for you to consider.

For the rest of 2010, you’ll want to look at things a bit differently.

Rules are being implemented left and right online and off that were never part of an earlier model.

So everything you do needs to be above the board.

Start with a niche that won’t get you into trouble.

Yes, some of them stand to help you make a fortune, but is it something where you’ll have a lot of trouble posting content online?

Then move on to what you can learn – and from whom.

1) Are there available resources to teach you about this marketing strategy?

2) Do the marketers teaching it have good reputations or will they be instructing you to “Do as I say and not as I do.”?

Go after something that’s ethical, provides you with enough happiness to get by on and the financial success you’re after.

Remember, it’s not all about the money.

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More: I’ll Get Totally Focused… In a Minute!

Let’s consider what kind of business we want to build. If it’s around info product creation, then you’ll want to flesh out a list of all those tasks we have to do that are associated with info product creation.

Such as: niche research, keyword list building, outline for the info product, creation of the info product, sales copy creation and tweaking, affiliate herding (similar to cat wrangling), list building, etc.

Organize a timeline – but what comes first?

Don’t worry about PPC ads when you haven’t completed your e-Book yet. Give every task a time-frame.

How long does it take to write an e-Book anyway? Map it out, be way more than flexible with yourself and don’t panic if e-Book takes a tiny bit longer than you thought it would.

Now pencil in tasks that have to be done over the rest of 2010. For example, keyword research will not end in some niche markets. You’ll likely also find out how trends affect the way people search and know things as soon as possible. And it’ll also help us cash in on the evolution within a given niche.

Don’t let new reports, white-papers and other shiny objects take you away from your mission. Unsubscribe from the lists that continually do nothing but hard sell you and focus only on a few that motivate you and make sense.

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I’ll Get Totally Focused… In a Minute!

One big problem I see from the folks who come to me for Internet Marketing advice is they just can’t seem to figure out what to do next.

Not only that, but their path(s) meander all over the place – from learning the latest PPC non-slapping techniques to how to launch new poducts and even working on an info product they can call their very own. Maybe an e-Book or something more ambitious?

Information overload is smacking us right between the eyes.

There are greener pastures though where overload stops if you’re willing to look at the rest of 2010 and make a FOCUSED plan now instead of jumping all over the place as you go along.

Part of that “One big problem” we talked about earlier is that we’re all kind of like kids in a candy store.

We’re looking at one bright shiny new object after another and aren’t really sure what they do anyway OR we already own more IM bright shiny objects than we can count.

How about we start right here and right now?

For the rest of 2010, let’s do better things!

Sit down and map out your plan month by month. Afterall, you only have 7 months to plan out instead of 12. How about we just get started on the rest of this month and next month? Imagine the possibilities.

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Where Little Black Books Go…

Flash back to the year 2009.

A studious and steadfast marketer labored over yet another “Internet Marketing Predictions” e-Book. Fortune and glory were the only obstacles in our young hero’s path.

He knew his predictions for 2010 would sweep the IM community, draw high praise from the “guru” elite and cause vast wealth to manifest at the twinkling of an eye…

Then life happened. In a moment it felt like having a rug pulled out from under you — and you didn’t even know there was a rug there. Ouch.

Here indeed is the next incarnation of “Little Black Book of Internet Marketing Predictions 2010”. Listen for what is new to your ears. All the rest is merely detail.

After thinking it was gone for good, there are new insights to be extracted for the rest of your 2010.

Are we where we wanted to be 5 months into the New Year? 

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