Grateful this day for the other side of dissapointment.

(all but tempoary within a seeming permanence)

Thank you.


Grateful always to salute this the ordinary as incredible.

(life is but a dream to greet with a tip of the hat)

Thank You!


Grateful today to almost embrace the meme of norm.

(only if need be for a change inside from out)

Thank You.


Grateful on this day for screams deeper than guttural.

(and for reverberations far beyond challenge)

Thank you.


Grateful always for variety on the conversation menu.

(and for a listening into which they each speak)

Thank you.


Grateful today for the preserving qualities of cold air.

(no heat is required to purge this liquid of life)

Thank You.


Grateful this day that in the act of trying is success.

(even if it looks as other than an ideal thought)

Thank you.