Flit, Flirt & Flicker

Grateful always for the caterpillar to butterfly transition.

(from brooding old Soul to social flutter by and back)

Thank You!


Grateful today to simplify and keep on keepin’ on.

(with a calarity so clear it need not be seen)

Thank you.


Grateful this day for a never ending store of gratitude.

(and how it lessens the sting of resentment)

Thank You!


Grateful always to wonder if nothing ever is one.

(and as opposites go the illusion is superb)

Thank you.


Grateful today that nothing ever is.

(and the opposite holds true too)

Thank you.


Grateful this day to speak in the word of power.

(and listen in the substance of sound)

Thank you.


Grateful always for holding fast to the great ones.

(and for what may yet appear as greater still)

Thank You.